Human resources

Ljudski resursi

Ljudski resursi

Dicentra d.o.o. employs 120 carefully selected employees. All our employees are focused on increasing the satisfaction of our customers and the realization of business goals. Our team consists of ambitious, flexible, communicative, creative and responsible people.

We are a company that will give each person a positive and pleasant work environment. We believe that quality and conscientious employees ensure the growth of the company and long term impact on its profitability.
We belive that our most valuable resources are people; thanks to them we became leading company on the market. We are very proud of the people who decided to become part of our team. We expect from our empolyees motivation, desire to work and develop and procativity.
We are aware of the fact that being competitive on the market means to have motivated, educated and satisfied employees who can acclimatize to newly risen changes in business.Our employees are the only real competitive advantage.
We give special attention to education of our employees through number of specialized business courses and seminars. We are aware of the fact that it is impossible not to invest in development and employee education if we want to invest in company's growth.

Everyday presence of our commercial travellers and sale's promoters on Croatian market ensures good position and product exposure in large store chains and small shops.


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