Our partners are world renowned companies. We are very proud of the fact that they`ve chosen us as their partners. Together we are trying to offer our costumers unique and high-quality products.



We are trying to build long-term fair partner-friendly relationship. We belive that is the key of our success and existence on increasingly fast-growing market. Our joint activities are directed towards one goal and that is to satisfy customer, offering him a product which suits him and which will satisfy all his needs and desires.


We are trying to serve our customers properly with joint activities, inovations, continuously working on improving offers with the goal of permanent profitable relationship with customers.


GIZEH was founded in 1920 in Cologne and today belongs to the Mignot & De Block group. Our parent company, Mignot & De Block B.V., is a family-run Dutch company that was founded in 1858. The corporate group comprises Micres B.V. of Eindhoven (Holland), GIZEH Raucherbedarf GmbH based in Gummersbach, as well as a production facility in both France and Austria.

Newlat S.p.A.

Newlat company is a leading company in dairy, chilled and dry pasta, and bread substitute products. Newlat company has an established position and reputation among the best Italian food brands, forever associated with the taste, freshness and wholesomeness that mark the culinary tradition in Italy.


The foundations of Philips were laid in 1891 when Anton and Gerard Philips established Philips & Co. in Eindhoven, Netherlands. The company began manufacturing carbon-filament lamps and by the turn of the century it became one of the largest producers in Europe.

The Bakers

The Bakers – the company that makes a Difference. The innovation plan of the company The Bakers as well as exploring food innovations, developing unique product concepts and building powerful brands reflects confidence and the huge market potential of nuts and seeds. The Bakers Company has focused its operations and efforts at the nuts and sunflower seeds market. The nuts are prepared by innovative and special recipes aiming to bring to the consumers products with great flavors and irresistible taste.  



Ulker was founded in 1944 as a part of Yildiz holding group. It was a small biscuit company that grew into a large and distinguished producer of sweet and savory products both at home market and worldwide.

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