Griesson Choco Sticks

Griesson’s crunchy Choco Sticks are a fun snack between meals. Dipped in top quality chocolate, this fine biscuit offers the perfect change between meals.


Griesson Choco Mountain cookies

An abundance of delicious pieces of chocolate and crispy dough: Chocolate Mountain Cookie is a delicacy for real connoisseurs. Baked till golden brown with lots of love in typical American fashion, we only use the best cereal ingredients and smooth chocolate. The 40% proportion of chocolate in the Classic makes for an especially chocolaty taste experience. As well as the delicious classic variety, make sure you don't miss the Big Nut variety. The irresistibly tasty cookie is made of dark chocolate dough, crowned with extra crunchy nut nuggets and lots of chocolate chips.


Griesson Duo Keks

Extra crunchy and with an extra generous amount of cream! Enjoy crunchy Duo Keks biscuits with a smooth Duo Keks filling: both the cocoa and vanilla varieties promise a particularly delicious creamy treat. Let the irresistible cocoa or vanilla cream in cocoa or vanilla Duo Keks melt on your tongue. With a cream content of 38%, experience the greatest chocolate or vanilla taste between two crunchy biscuits. Ideal on the move and as a snack between meals: the best quality at a great price.


Griesson Soft Cake

With 55% filling, Soft Cakes promise a special type of taste experience, completed by a layer of crisp, smooth chocolate on soft egg biscuit. Let yourself indulge in the fruity, fresh taste of the orange. With the Soft Cake you will always be on the sunny side of life: enjoy the fine chocolate side with a sun-filled fruity filling of orange juice and the soft biscuit side.

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