Pez candies

Pez candies last few decades entertain our palates with wide series of flavors. PEZ candies have remained unchanged since their creation in 1927. Today, they are available in different flavors, both as fizzy and sugar-free candies. PEZ candies are gluten-free and do not contain animal constituents or raw materials from animal origin. In its offer Pez has a numerous flavors like Pez fruit candies which includes flavors of raspberry, strawberry, cherry, lemon and orange.


Pez dispensers

Pez dispensers represent the most famous and most popular little box for candies in the world. It is a small box in the form of lighter from whose head at the push come out candies. Pretty cool, huh? Pez dispensers are filled with Pez candies different flavors and fun. First Pez dispensers was made by famous Oscar UXA. At the beginning Pez candies were exclusively intended for adults and kids needed to wait for the mid-fifties, when a breakthrough in the U.S. market was achieved to get their Pez dispensers. The Austrian manufacturer got a idea to put head of Mickey Mouse or Hello Kitty or some other popular kids hero at the top where at the pressure of the thumb come out candies. From that moment with this creative idea all children's wishes where fulfilled. From that 1955 years more than 450 plastic dispensers were produced with different heads and thousands of combinations. The offer on the Croatian market includes Micky Mouse, Princess, Barbie, Disney, Hello Kitty, Love & Friendship, Angry Birds, Looney Tunes, Rio, Lion King, Minnie Stylish, Nici and Best of Pixar collection. Collectors cult was created so now rare PEZ 'Lighters' are sold for a few thousand dollars at auctions. The highest price achieved is the one with the soft-headed Mickey Mouse who has never come to market because it stopped in the prototype stage. For $ 7000 it was purchased by a collector from California. How much dispensers have become desirable commodity and immensely popular than candies for which they were made​​, demonstrate the fact that there are several annual conventions where PEZ fans exchange their toys.


Pez soft fruit gummies

Pez Soft fruit gummies are the same shape as Pez candies just unlike the Pez candies who are hard these fruit gummies are soft candies. The unique form of the Pez candies has been retained for PEZ Soft. Natural flavors and colors give the Pez Soft candies their great taste and appearance. The Pez Soft fruit gummies come in cherry, raspberry, strawberry, orange and apple flavors and are available in the 100g packaging unit. These candies do not contain lactose and are gluten free so that they can safely be consumed by people with celiac disease or intolerance to gluten, and people who can not digest lactose because of the lack of activity of the enzyme lactose.


Pez dextrose

Pez dextrose range includes fruit rolls of dextrose with a lot of vitamin C. All products are free from artificial colors and flavors. It is a practical packaging in little box whose opening makes this product accessible to every child and can easily fit in any pocket. Pez dextrose products come in a package of 30g  with the popular children's recognizable characters such as Polka Bears. Besides the fact that they are  special by their appearance, shape and taste, they are distinguished by quality of sugar that they contain. They contain dextrose, grape sugar, which is a valuable source of quick energy.


Pez fizzy

Pez fizzy assortment of candies will delight any child. For boys in offer are Angry Birds candies, and for girls Hello Kitty candies.


Pez gift assortment

Pez gift assortment with its offer will delight any child. The offer includes Hello Kitty and Angry Birds surprise bags. Inside the bag is 1 Pez dispenser, 10 refill Pez candies and 2 stickers. Special and unique product is Pez Barbie purse. Inside the purse are 4 Pez Barbie dispensers and 6 Pez refil candies.

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