Philips lighting sources

EcoClassic blulbs

The new clasic light bulb - clear halogen light in a perfect shape! The traditional bulb has evolved. Philips EcoClassic light bulbs offer the shapes you are used to but with better energy efficiency. The new classic light bulb gives high quality light, is dimmable and starts immediately.


Compact integrated bulbs

Replacement integrated bulbs are compact flourescent bulbs which are with special technology and shape approximately or exactly the same as bulbs with filament. They can be directly replaced in the same lamps. Bulbs have classic E27 or E14 lamp holder. These innovative lamps combine exceptional fluorescent bulb fetures: low energy consumption and incandescent bulbs features: compact shape and easy maintenance.


Compact non-integrated bulbs

Compact fluorescent non-integrated bulbs are long-lasting, energy saving, but unlike the standard compact integrated fluorescent (CFL) bulbs, they don't have a bulit-in ballast and require fittings with special lampholders and appropriate ballast.


Floodlight bulb

Floodlight 39/50 / 63 mm bulbs are high-tech mirror bulbs and 80 mm floodlight bulb are incandescent bulbs with internal aluminum ring parabolic mirror behind the filament. Floodlight coloured bulbs are externally coloured for exceptional indoor lighting.


Halogen bulbs

It provides rich contrast and lively lighting space by encouraging active and creative work. Under the halogen lights, the colours look fresh and highly reflective chrome, crystal and silver objects radiate with especially attractive glow. Halogen light is characterized by its brilliance and a perfect application in general and accent lighting. Many types of bulbs are available in different sizes, colours, with or without spotlights, offering the freedom to create personal lighting solutions.

For the major application areas, such as fashionable shops and hotels, halogen lights are elected because of its perfect sparkling lights, the best colour and a pleasant atmosphere. It provides a scattered, soft lighting, no shadows or precision-focused, narrow beams of light for many varieties of lighting, creating a creative and personal accent.


Special purpose light bulbs

Special purpose light bulbs are light bulbs for household appliances. The offer includes tubular lamps for ovens, refrigerators and kitchen hoods. Tubular lamps for ovens are tubular vacuum lamps with clear glass (T-bubble). Tubular bulbs for refrigerators are tubular bulbs with clear glass balloon and tubular lamps for kitchen hoods are the gas filling lamps with clear balloon.


LED bulbs

Philips LED lighting systems are characterized by top Philips LEDs diode embedded in the well cooled and protected enclosure which guarantees quality light technical behavior of the system in a long time-span. Twistline GU10 floodlight and G50, G60 and B40 candle (E27) LED bulbs in white and different colour for wide range of decorative and ornamental use.


Fluorescent tubes

Fluorescent tubes are highly economical tubes with efficiency of 104lm / W. With this energy efficiency and wide temperature range of colours that are available, you can choose the best light for any visual need.

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