Pionir cakes and waffles

Sun Mill wafers are ideal treat for the whole family. Fans will enjoy the fullness of flavor and crispy waffle structure. Fruity notes will wake up freshness and provide the perfect taste for all generations. Honey waffles are a new brand in the wafer group. They are made of crispy diced wafers with the addition of cocoa cream.They are ideal for a break, snack and are available in two grammage.For those who love the intense flavor of chocolate, there are topped waffles that make the perfect combination of crispy structure and fine cream.


Pionir chocolates, bars and desserts

The products are top quality treats that will win You over again. Chocolate products are a sensation for those who wish to return to childhood. Carefully chosen ingredients and traditional recipes make the taste unforgettable. Nutritional bars are perfect for those who care about healthy habits, they are an ideal supplement child’s nourishment, for athletes and for all those who enjoy the sweets. Chocolate bananas are perfect for the whole family that likes to spend time together enjoying the fullness of flavors of chocolate and bananas. Chocolate, desserts and bars will be the first choice of all gourmets.


Pionir candies

Negro is one of the best known brands and the secret lies in the unique combination of licorice extract (licorice), which has a beneficial effect on the throat and respiratory system and taste of menthol, which is responsible for the experience of freshness and it refreshes the breath. The new generation of candies has an interesting look, and it overwhelmes all those who want to enjoy the creamy flavors of strawberry, cherry and sweet caramel. All those who enjoy the intense fruit flavors will be happy with rich flavors of cherry, strawberry and orange.

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