Fruit teas

Fruit teas are made from flowers, seeds, bark and a variety of fruits. Because they do not contain leaves of Camellia Sinensis in their composition are no caffeine. This makes them suitable beverage for both children and adults at any time of a day. In fruit teas Teekanne is definitely leader on the European market and there is no taste that they do not have. They are especially well known by their fruit mix. Currently in their offer are combination of orange and ginger, cranberries and raspberries, cherries and strawberries and a few fine combination of rich flavor and aroma for cold winter days. New in the offer is right summer refreshment - a combination of elder flower and lemon.


Green teas

Green tea is a traditional tea of ​​Chinese descent. The basis are not fermented leaves of tea tree plant (Camellia Sinensis). Green tea speeds up metabolism, improves digestion, stimulates degradation of fat and cleans the body of toxins. For lovers of true teas Teekanne offers a wide variety of green tea - from pure green tea, a combination with lemon and orange, ginger and lemon to green tea with refreshing lemon and mango - Zen Chai.


Herbal teas

Herbal teas are made from flowers, bark and seeds. Because they do not contain leaves of Camellia Sinensis, in its composition they don't have caffeine. This makes them suitable beverage for both children and adults at any time of day. Teekanne herbal teas are unique on the market in the category of herbal teas, and its famous tea "Mountain Paradise" returns many of us in childhood. Except "Mountain Paradise" their herbal tea offer includes clean mint and mint with honey.


Sir Winston teas

When we talk about Sir Winston Tea Collection we can safely say that this is the Teekanne premium tea offer. These teas represent finest types of green and black tea. There are Sir Winston Green, Sir Winston Eearl Grey and Sir Winston English Breakfest. These teas are the perfect substitute for coffee in combination with milk provide a completely different experience of tea. They are full of antioxidants that protect your body from free radicals and delay the aging process. Numerous studies have pointed to the positive effects of drinking black tea, such as lowering cholesterol levels, reducing the risk of blood clots and repair blood vessel function. Athletes use it as an energy drink because it stimulates the body.


Hot Wein

Teekanne "Hot Wein" is natural mixture of spices (orange peel, cinnamon and cloves) which can be used for the preparation of cooked wine and apple juice.

It is necessary to cook wine and put the bag of spices in the liquid at approximately 5min, after that you will get a delicious drink that will warm during the cold winter days.

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