Wilkinson razor systems

Wilkinson razor systems provides a unique feeling of shaving. With classic metal razor Classic which represents the traditional way of shaving it's offer includes Quattro Titanium line of razor systems which easily meets the needs of man for technology, quality, speed, dynamic, power, precision, style, perfection and brilliant ease of use. Trust Quattro Titanium to deliver an exceptional shave with ultimate precision. Experience the feel of a smooth shave with 4 titanium coated blades, plus a styling blade to achieve the perfect finish – making it easier to take care of your look. If you want to create your own individual shaving style Quattro Titanium Precision razor system is the right choice to achieve this goal. With the men's line of Quattro razor systems Wilkinson offers a line of razor systems for tender gender. Quattro for Women razors have received a burst of berry goodness! The conditioning strips have now been enriched with revitalising Acai Berry and Jojoba extracts. The result: skin that looks and feels fantastic, with long lasting smoothness from the closest 4-blade shave imaginable. Wilkinson lines of woman razor systems is designed to offer women a convenient, safe and fast removal of unwanted hair. The result is perfectly soft and smooth skin. Wilkinson Sword's wonder product that lets you shave, trim and transform your bikini area with NEW purple conditioning strips, which are now enriched with Acai Berry and Jojoba extracts, helping your skin to look healthy and feeling super smooth longer. On all razor systems blades can be modified which allows Wilkinson to become your long carer and a friend of your skin.


Wilkinson razor blades for razor systems

Wilkinson Sword razor blades for razor systems come in a pack of 4 and 2 pieces for Wilkinson Quattro Titanium razor systems for men and in a pack of 5 pieces with aloe vera soothing gel and vitamin E for Wilkinson Lady Protector razor systems and razor blades in a pack of 3 pieces for Quattro Titanium line of razor systems for fairer sex. Wilkinson Sword razor blades are designed in such a way that your skin is perfectly smooth to the touch after shaving. Quattro Titanium razor blades are coated with titanium thus providing greater durability and comfortable shave, containing rubber tensioning which tightens the skin and slide bar before the blades that provides additional comfort. Enriched with aloe vera, in these razor blades distance between the blades is reduced which reduces irritation. Quattro for Woman razor blade is the first razor blade in the world with four blades with the protective grille designed for women, with the optimized geometry of the blades for constant contact with the female curves, large lubricating strip with aloe and vitamin E provides better skating, a new duo-vitamin complex TM and lubrication on the underside of the bar is designed for extra comfort skating. The tape contains vitamin E and pro-vitamin B5 and compact, movable head for better precision and control.


Wilkinson disposalbe razors

Within the range of disposable razor blades, Wilkinson offers Extra 2 and Extra 3 razor blades for men and women that are customized to the specific needs of male and female skin. The difference between Extra 2 and Extra 3 razor blades is in the number of blades. All disposable razor blades come in different packaging, in a bag with 4-5 pieces and more, and can be bought as one piece, depending on the needs of consumers.


Wilkinson classic razor blades

Wilkinson classic razor blades come in a pack of 5 pieces and are intended for Wilkinson classic razor system. It is a traditional system of shaving for men who are used to the traditional way of shaving and for men with sharp chin. It is extremely sharp and does not require daily shaving.


Wilkinson cosmetics

Wilkinson Sword with the razor systems and razor blades offers a wide range of products for skin care before and after shaving. It is a specially formulated skin care for men during and after shaving. If you accidentally cut yourself while shaving Wilkinson stick to stop bleeding from cuts will quickly and efficiently stop bleeding.

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